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Allied Health Wing | Sheridan College

The 2006 remodel in the Sheridan College Whitney Building involved modernization and complete redesign of the space for the Dental, Nursing and Massage Therapy programs.

Two levels of design were considered: the overall context of the Whitney Building with respect to the Campus Master Plan; and design of a facility that works well internally for staff and patients.

All complexities of the design challenge were resolved including:
•  Well-defined entrance coordinated with future pedestrian mall;
•  Drop-off area and parking concerns, especially for disabled;
•  Maintaining access pathway to the science center;
•  Clarification of the clinic space within the complicated existing building;
•  48 student capacity Nursing Program including 10 Faculty Offices, ancillary spaces, 10 bed lab, HazMat Storage Area , Locker Room, and  Classrooms;
•  24 student Dental Hygiene Program based on 18 patient, four-wave patient arrival configuration with substantial waiting room, offices, classrooms, locker rooms; 18 chair clinic area, Dental Materials Lab, Sterilization Area, and Radiology Area;
•   Shared-use Computer Lab;
•  16-student capacity/ 8-table Massage Therapy area including multipurpose classroom and offices;
•  HIPAA standards of privacy for relevant adjacent spaces.

  • Size: 5,000 sq. ft.