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Fine Arts | Studio Addition

In the Studio Addition to the existing Fine Arts Building, Malone Belton Abel’s designers created an extension that blends with an existing building on the University of Wyoming campus.  The photographs show the addition coming forward from the main building. The materials, lines and colors echo those used in the older construction.

The multi-purpose addition was designed to accommodate a television studio function in the short term; occasional use as a screening room for showing 16mm films; and eventual use as a dance rehearsal facility.  Walls and floors have been prepared for the changes to come.  Malone Belton Abel designed the building in conjunction with Performance Architecture of New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Studio space is flanked by four technical control rooms which double as the transition space between the existing building’s experimental theater and the new studio addition.  Features of the design include highly sound-resistant wall construction; interior sound attenuation; a fully electrified lighting grid; and a sophisticated sound amplification system.

The addition to the building is on the left of the photos; the original building is visible above the addition, and to the right of the stairway.