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Sheridan Junior High | Sheridan, Wyoming

Sheridan Junior High School is a new building connected to an existing gymnasium that required ADA, mechanical, and fire safety upgrades.

Our design fulfilled several key objectives:  (1) Stay within the State School Facility Commission’s size guidelines to allow for full funding by the State.  (2) Keep construction costs below the mandated $15,250,000.  (3) Position the building on the site in such manner as to allow continued use of the existing junior high school during the first year of construction.  (4) Recognize historic continuity in the community by retaining features of the old Junior High School, while still producing a modern building.

All these objectives were accomplished on time and under budget.  As an acknowledgement of the importance of the former building, we used terra cotta medallions salvaged from the old building in the facade of the new.  The initial community resistance to losing the old structurally failing building has vanished and been replaced by enthusiastic acceptance of the new facility.

  • Completed: 2005
  • Size: 113,000 SF new, 27,000 SF remodel