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Tongue River HS | Dayton, Wyoming

The $19 million Tongue River High School, designed by Malone Belton Abel for Sheridan County School District #1, was completed for the 2009 school year.  The school has 10 general classrooms; two science classrooms; one large special education room with teacher’s office and restroom; a technology lab; library; counseling rooms; conference rooms; school office; Title I aides’ offices; teachers’ lounge; serving kitchen; weight room; an oversized gym (12,000 SF); gym storage; and lockers.

Also included are specialized rooms for art; music; welding; woodworking; a 300-seat auditorium; two targeted vocational classrooms; a health classroom; and a business classroom.

Construction work had to be carefully timed, as the new High School was built immediately adjacent to the existing High School. At the end of the 2008-9 school year the old High School had to have its asbestos removed immediately so demolition could commence, then the new school’s parking lot could be started and finished prior to the opening of school in fall of 2009. This transition, carefully planned with the cooperation of Owner, Architect, and Contractor, was very successful.

  • Size: 73,700 square feet