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Memorial Hospital | MRI & Radiology Additions

MRI Suite:  Malone Belton Abel was asked to convert a portion of the physical therapy suite and adjoining areas at Sheridan County Memorial Hospital into an MRI suite for a $1,300,000 Siemens 1.5 Tesla imaging system.  The new six-ton magnet required a specially shielded series of rooms where a chiller circulates 1,600 liters of liquid helium around the coils of the magnet, keeping its temperature as close to absolute zero as possible.  The small amounts of evaporating helium are vented.  Because helium replaces oxygen, oxygen level meters monitor any possible helium leak. We performed all architectural and structural engineering services and all coordination on this 1200 sq. ft. project completed in 2000.

Radiology Addition:  Our firm was responsible for all the structural engineering and a portion of the architectural design on a $1.5 M addition to the existing hospital facility.  The project, designed in conjunction with VHA Health Facilities Group of Texas in 1997, added rooms associated with outpatient radiology general procedures and nuclear medicine treatment rooms.  The full finished basement under the addition is used for mechanical support and record storage and features a dumbwaiter system for transferring files to the main floor.