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Game & Fish Cheyenne | Addition and Renovation

The principal element of the new G&F Headquarters Building in Cheyenne, completed in 2011, is the addition of a 38,300 SF, two-story office facility that provides the Department with literally a new public face. This addition, which is attached to the existing single story office facility, includes two stories of office space with a new Wildlife Interpretive Area and a new main entrance to the entire compound.

The existing 19,600 SF single-level office area to the north of the addition has been gutted and completely renovated. The unusual “folded plate” concrete ceiling/roof structure made this portion of the existing building a particular challenge to renovate. In order to provide a new HVAC system, a new “attic” space and roof was constructed above the existing ceiling/roof to route all supply and return ductwork, allowing the folded plate to remain.  Total renovated area in the project is 42,000 SF.

The basement of the front addition also contains the new central mechanical and electrical systems for the entire facility. Space has been planned for additional capacity for the eventual renovation of the remaining existing two story building attached to the north end of the complex.

While the $9.3M facility is not planned for registration with the US Green Building Council, the design for the facility is utilizing the latest building design technology, wrapping the entire envelope in an insulating layer.