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RockWell Petroleum | Headquarters Office

In numerous successful projects throughout their careers, the architects at Malone Belton Abel have created environmentally responsible designs.

One newly constructed project, the RockWell Corporate Headquarters Building in Sheridan, Wyoming serves as an example.  Working with a client who expressed interest in a “green” building, we produced initial design concepts specifically tailored to the site and climate.  Our staff actively researched the array of new products and ideas available in this dynamic field.  Along with our consultants in mechanical, electrical, technical, civil and other engineering fields, we found cost-effective means of producing a building that will be both an asset to the company and a worthy addition to the built environment.

Specifically, the RockWell building has a high-efficiency insulated roof/wall system; a high efficiency gas-fired heat system with secondary heat recovery from the vehicle heat in the underground garage below; landscaping using native and low-water-use plantings; a green-roof roof garden (approximately 10,000 SF total); and a solar and wind orientation designed to collect (and shade) sunlight, and to protect from northwest winter winds.