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Bighorn Sheep Center | Dubois, Wyoming

The Whiskey Mountain bighorn sheep herd near Dubois, Wyoming is one of the largest herds of bighorn sheep in North America. In order to spread knowledge of this magnificent game animal to the traveling public, a consortium of national and private organizations came together to fund a National Bighorn Sheep Center.  These include the Town of Dubois, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, and the North American Wild Sheep Foundation.

Built directly adjacent to U. S. Highway 26, the building had to have a distinctive appearance but one which would blend with the rural western flavor of the historic structures that make up the town of Dubois. Our services included complete sitework and landscaping, as well as building design.  The building features a high-ceilinged hall with a mountain display of bighorn sheep; a gift shop; fully accessible restrooms; and a small video theater.

  • Completed: 1993
  • Size: 4200 sq. ft.