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Wyoming Girls’ School | Dormitories

Malone Belton Abel designed a prototype dormitory building to fit 3 or 4 different specific sites on the Wyoming Girls’s School campus.

Each dorm is a combined sleeping and living quarters for 24 girls.  Single and double rooms are arranged around a large well-lit common area where the girls get ready for school or bed each day. The open bathroom facility adjoins the common area, affording staff the ability to monitor the girls’ activities while still providing individual privacy. This delicate balance between privacy and security was successfully accomplished.

At the other end of the building, past a security area, is the living and informal dining area where girls spend the daytime when not in classes or sports. This area has a semi-residential kitchen for teaching cooking/ living skills; a dining area; and a living room with fireplace. All spaces are open to one another for visibility and security.